Star Wars: The Clone Wars 5×16

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Star Wars: The Clone Wars: 5x16

The Lawless

Having assumed control over a majority of the Death Watch after killing Vizsla in a duel, Maul proceeds to lure Obi-Wan Kenobi to Mandalore with news of Satine’s capture. Obi-Wan borrows Anakin’s ship, The Twilight, in order to save his love. After stealing the armor of a Death Watch soldier, Obi-Wan uses his disguise to sneak into the jail. He and Satine manage to escape to his ship, however, they are soon pursued by Darth Maul and recaptured. Back in the throne room, Darth Maul proceeds to Force Choke Satine as he and Obi-Wan debate which side of the Force is more powerful. Darth Maul then stabs Satine with the Darksaber, and she dies in Obi-Wan’s arms, proclaiming to him: “I always loved you, I always will.” Obi-Wan then is escorted to the Mandalorian jail, however, on the way there he is rescued by Bo-Katan and her Death Watch faction. Meanwhile, the hostile takeover captures the attention of Darth Sidious, Maul’s former master, who travels to Mandalore to take care of the rogue Sith brothers. At the same time, Bo-Katan and Obi-Wan fight their way through the brewing war, making it to a new ship for Obi-Wan to escape in. Obi-Wan then discovers that Bo-Katan is the sister of Duchess Satine, and expresses his condolences to her as he leaves the planet. In the Mandalorian Throne room, Sidious kills Savage and takes Maul prisoner, hinting that he has a sinister plan in mind.

Feb. 02, 2013